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I would love to be able to search the metadata for upcoming shows. For example, to be able to search for "Hawaii", and to find shows that have that keyword in the description as well as the title. Same for searches for actors and other metadata categories that are not necessarily exposed in the title or description. Being able to create a saved search that can be invoked ad-hoc, or even as the basis of a pass would be super!


Like the old TiVo Wishlist search, when it actually worked b4


Hear Hear!

I was just about to post about this! I would love to be able to make an advanced pass that will search the subtitle and description fields. Just as an example, maybe I'd like to record all the talk shows when Jennifer Aniston is a guest.

Update: actually I want this for advanced passes - but search would be nice too!

We've added four new fields to advanced pass conditions:

  • EpisodeTitle
  • Directors
  • Cast
  • Summary

These are available starting in v2019.10.23.2154. The guide will automatically reindex after you upgrade to add these to the search database.

This was made possible by the new guide backend in Experimental Feature - New Guide Database, so thanks to everyone who helped test that over the last couple months!



Thank You!
Added a Topic to Advanced Passes for Directors and Cast here Directors and Cast

Why is it if I look for avengers in the description I find shows but if I look for avenger nothing is found are you adding a space before and after the text being searched ? Version 2019.10.24.0245

I think it's using whole words, so avengers is missing the final 's' when you search for avenger?
Not sure what that has to do with spaces?

Are there shows you think should be found that have 'avenger' and not 'avengers' in the summary description?

Are wildcards/regular expressions allowed?

What I meant by a space ... is that the way they determine the beginning and end of a whole word. They really need to allow partial key words.

No, but if you have specific use-cases that would be helpful.

Again using Hawaii as an example, to search for all shows about or related to Hawaii, searching for "hawaii" wouldn't match "hawaiian" unless the "contains" operator did the equivalent of "%hawaii%".


I only see the standard search field (search for...) in my UI?

Chrome browser (windows 10), Channels DVR version 2019.12.05.0128.

Is there a way for me to enable this "full" search - and is there a way to enable to default search across all these categories all at once simply from the search field without having to care about setting up advanced conditions?

This is just for passes, not the Search box. You can see them from DVR > Passes > gear menu > New Advanced Pass (or select an existing pass and choose Advanced from the menu).

Are these conditions documented anywhere? For example it took me a few tries to realize the duration was in seconds.

Advanced Pass discussions are here

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Ah. Thanks!!! :slightly_smiling_face: I see it. I didn't realize it was only for creating passes.

@tmm1 Should I make including all such results in the standard search result a separate feature request, or is something like that already in your backlog?

It appears these feature requests already covers what I want, so I've added my vote to those.

I would vote for Algolia search mechanism but for commercial project like Channels the plan could be EXPENSIVE

I didn't read the whole thread, but please, please put in the ability to have future recordings based on key words. This would allow me to record everything with the word Cary Grant in it etc. I haven't seen this functionality in any DVR since TIVO and Ultimate TV and Windows Media Center. To me, this is the feature that truly defines a DVR.