Channels Helper bookmarklet for working with Manage Lineup

Since we can now add all these awesome TVE and m3u channel sources for things like Pluto, Plex, etc., I've found myself struggling to manage the hundreds of channels often listed in the Manage Lineup dialog (Admin Settings website \ Sources).

I decided to try to throw a little javascript at the problem last night, and wound up ultimately settling on a simple Bookmarklet you can use to do things like Block/Unblock all, Fav/Unfav all, sort channels by name, sort channels by number, etc. It adds a little dropdown menu at the top of the dialog and you just pick the command you want.

To use it, you need to create a bookmarklet with the code. I've published the raw code as a gist if you want to see it. Instructions for making your own bookmarklet directly from the code are at the top.

To use it, you have to click the bookmark while on the Manage Lineup dialog for a given source. If you close and go to another source, you'll have to click the bookmark again.

It's not something you use every day, but I have found it handy to have. I hope one day the devs might give us some native options for this stuff, because obviously this will be fairly fragile to application changes.

Anyway, just something to play with. I welcome feedback.