Clock on Channels DVR GUI?


Trying to get rest of house off Tivo and on to Channels and minor complaint received which I think is valid is that there is no clock showing on Channels Guide screen? Yes you can tell about what time it is from grid view but most DVR's show the time. Is this something you would consider? If some people find having a clock too intrusive you could always make it an toggle option in settings.

Request: Clock

Yes, this is often requested. (No, there is no clock; yes it would be quite nice to have.)

(And perhaps something showing the progress as well in the guide, such as a vertical line marking the current time. I believe the images seem to indicate this is present on the AppleTV version, but it is missing on the Android version.)


I use an Apple TV 4K and when I click it to bring up the status bar it shows the current time below the bar. Maybe that would be helpful. Does TIVO actually overlay the video stream you are watching with the current time?


Yes, IIRC most DVR main guide page show a clock. For example, here is Tivo


Here is a Channels option for a clock in the upper right corner:


examples of CLOCK on Guide pages: