Request: Clock

Is there a way to get a current time line on the EPG or a clock on the guide to show current time/progress though a show?


Is this possible at all? Or something that could be seen in future updates?

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Agreed this would be very useful, the timeline works well on the specific program you are working but on the guide it is often difficult to understand where the program / time is up too


Did not realize this thread was here. Completely agree. Nearly all DVR guides have a clock.

Any devs reading this? Would like to know if it’s possible?

Almost certain that they are aware of this request as many have asked :slightly_smiling_face: I'm sure it's on their list!

Could we get some sort of reply from dev's if this is on short/long list?

Well, the request is outstanding since 2017, so I’m guessing that it’s at the bottom of a long list, and getting pushed down for other cool stuff they want to do first.

I was unaware the request has been there since 2017. I do like the features of Channels but I would think just adding simple clock is low hanging fruit particularly given that it seems to be a frequent request. I am relatively new here but do you recall reading the request for 2 years or is there an actual list of community requests?

There isn’t a list of all currently requested features, just a feature request area. Also doing a search for CLOCK would yield results.

Here is one of the threads from 2018

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Thanks for the links. I guess adding a clock is just too complex :roll_eyes:

It's more about priorities. A clock appears to be low on the list. For context, when I joined the community last year, Channels DVR didn't have auto commercial skip. Now it does. Lately they are working on integrating TVE. It's a small dev team and they are focusing on hard, but awesome features. There are always trade-offs and they will undoubtedly disappoint some while exciting others with what they do work on.

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