New Feature: Safer deleting with Trash

Hello! This is a feature that I’ve wanted for a long time. In the latest DVR pre-release v2020.01.30.0309, that was just released, we have implemented safer way to delete files.

Previously, as soon as a recording was deleted, it was removed from the disk. We know it sucks to lose recordings you didn't mean to delete (or that someone else deleted that you still wanted).

To help with this, we've implemented a Trash that will auto-delete items after 7 days.

Any deleted files will go into the Trash. To find what's in the trash, go to Recordings -> Trash.

From that list, you will be able to Recover the file to put it back to where it was before, or Delete Now to immediately remove the file.

When recovering a file that was auto-deleted by the system, we mark the recording with Keep Forever so it is not automatically deleted again.

We do not currently have a way to view the Trash from any of our apps, but we plan on adding that in the future.

Please check it out and use it and let us know of any issues you run in to. We want to make sure this works well before we release it.



I have successfully "deleted" then a hour or so later, via the web interface, restore the recording.

I notice that while the show file still remains in the DVR store directory even when it is "deleted" (in trash). So if folks have that folder a network share, won't stop folks from deleting the file/folder directly.

Could it be possible to have the server move the show files to a different, "Trash" directory, then if user restore it, move it back to DVR store folder.

You’re correct. We don’t touch the file when it is deleted in the UI until the 7 days has passed.

We decided not to move it because there are a lot of potential cases where moving files is not an efficient operation. Additionally, we just didn’t feel it would improve the user experience of the app to move it.

There is nothing that we do (and nothing that we can do) to prevent people from going to the directories and deleting the files directly. If someone goes outside of the app and deletes files, they’re on their own.

I like this feature. I've used this on my TiVo before. Nice touch!


Found a potential bug with the new Trash feature. I had Channels record MSNBC a few minutes before 7:00PM. I started watching the program from the DVR section to get the beginning of the program. After watching for a few minutes, I was at the point were the show was live. I pressed the back button on the remote and picked "Delete" as I didn't need Channels to continue recording, as I would just watch live. I went back to guide and picked the same program to pick back up watching the same channel, but live. I noticed the guide indicated the program was still recording (red), but it was not listed in the DVR section. I went to the schedule for recordings and it was still recording. I selected the recording and picked stop recording. This did stop recording, but I then checked the Channels admin page and it was detecting commercials for the show. This seems odd as I had "deleted" the program after catching up to the live stream; I had to manually stop the recording from the schedules menu. With news programs, I rarely watch the entire show, but generally the first 15-20 minutes. I then "delete" the program to stop recording as I have no intention of finishing the program (or wasting bandwidth).

Now that delete is a state of a recording and not an action, maybe some cleanup is needed? Logs are normal and can post if needed, but the "Job cancelled" didn't happen until I deleted the schedule - 21 minutes later.

Oh wow! You're totally right. This is a great find. Thank you for reporting this.

I'll investigate the right way to solve this.

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The latest DVR beta v2020.01.31.0401 has the fix for this. Thanks again for the description of the issue.

Now when an in-progress recording is deleted, the recording will stop (as it used to do) and it will not run commercial detection on it.


Great! Thank you @eric.

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I just released v2020.02.02.0138 that fixes the sort order of recordings to have the most recently deleted listed first.

I really like this feature! Keeping recordings for 7 days is great. Does anyone think longer interval would be better or even “until space is needed” or after trash reaches a certain size?

I also am wondering what happens to recordings removed by a season pass?

It also goes into the Trash. If you recover a recording that was removed by a season pass it will be marked as “Keep Forever” so it is not automatically deleted again.

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Could you make this feature toggleable? ie and option. Having it on as default is fine.

I mean the ability to enable or disable this Delete to Trash.
While i certainly see the appeal of it, I personally want the files to be removed from disk when I press Delete in the app.

I try to delete the folders via network share, i get Permission error. having to go to each recording via the Web ui and a few clicks to delete permanently is a bit cumbersome.

Edit: Or make it an changeable option for auto delete, 1 - 7 days etc. I could do with this feature on if it deleted in 1 day vs 7. (and it still keeps the safeguard for accidental deletion form the app scenario)

While we probably won’t create a setting to toggle the feature, a setting for number of days will probably be implemented. We were sort of waiting for the request. That didn’t take long!


My current version of DVR is showing 2019.12.05.0128. Where can I download this Beta version?

To get most recent Pre-Release build:

Press and hold the Check for Update button in the sever web page for a few secs.

I have been using Emby for many many years, and when u delete something there, it is deleted. I am not sure about if Plex is the same way. I think Kodi is as well. If I recall, WMC also permanently deleted things too.

So, I don't see why it can't be an optional turn on or off feature, to delete to trash, or full delete. Some may want this off as to free up space in one step, rather than have to take the time to access the DVR Web UI and do from there. Especially those with many recordings all the time. (Perhaps then a batch delete or a filter system to mark what user wants to delete feature could be added)

But like i mentioned, should the only option be delete to trash, then remove the file at X many days(or maybe even hours?) is a acceptable compromise.

(Good idea yall had there though, to mark a user restored file to never auto delete.)

I like how it is now in the beta that I can quickly permanently delete it right away with the second toggle or whatever. There are times I'm watching something that halfway thru that I've seen enough and just want to get rid of it. Sometimes you know you don't ever need it again. I don't like having to wait 6 days for stuff to delete. Everyone is different.

Thanks for "Safer deleting with Trash." It prevented me from making a mistake this week! Seven Days works for me. If I need the disk space, I can go to Recordings - Trash and permanently delete the "Trashed" recordings - or just let the Seven Days pass.

Unfortunately, I did delete from Channels a couple of show that I wanted to keep in Channels. I had copied the shows to another disk and can view then with VLC even after deleting them. Any way to bring them back into Channels as a TV show episode? I guess what I mean is: Can I bring the deleted metadata for the episode back into the database?