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Please use this thread to discuss experiences and channel availability for Xfinity cable.

Current Status: All subscribed TVE channels work except MTV, VH1, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, TVLAND, NickJR, Paramount, Logo, TENNIS, Weather.

Note: 2FA must be disabled on your account, or you can create a sub-account without billing access and use that with the DVR.

Note: Enter your username into the DVR and not your email address. If you login with email address, some channels will not work.

Note: If you have separate Xfinity logins for TV and Internet, you will need to login to your Internet account and then visit to click the "Turn Off Auto Authentication" button:


Do you know why Bravo, USA and some other channels wouldn't be showing up on Xfinity?

I have USA and Bravo all my channels show up Xfinity Oregon. I did a full rescan this morning since I saw they added that button to the TVE tuner..


121 Channels is what I've got also with Xfinity.

I did some more digging and after clicking the "Edit" button on the channel listing I see that some of the channels are giving me an error message that says "anvato: Failed to retrieve content." I wonder if this is a temporary error or something that can be fixed.

Did you try hitting rescan next to those channels?

Yes, I rescanned the individual channel and the "Rescan all channels" button.

SWFL: 133 Channels

The channels failing for you are all authorized in my account.

Are those failing channels listed in your service tier, i.e., regular Xfinity account?

Yes, I receive those channels and I can stream them via other methods like the network's website, Xfinity's website, apps, etc.

I do not seem to be able to get NBATV MLBTV and NFLTV I can logon to XFINNITY and watch it on Google Chrome. One more NHL Network.

I just set up Channels on a NAS as my main Windows PC that was running the server prior had its power supply fail. Since then, after adding TVE with my Xfinity credentials, I no longer get any of the NBC Sports RSNs. Did they lock them down from last week to now? Anyone else still getting NBC Sports Bay Area, Washington, Chicago, etc.?

Edit: the error listed is "notAuthorizedRSN"

Edit 2: Electric Boogaloo: I'm also in the Philadelphia market, so I should at least be getting NBCSN-PHILLYPLUS if we're going by region. Getting 122 channels total at the moment on a sub-account that has most all channels available.


92 channels - many of the 178 total say "login not supported"

Are you able to login and watch on ?

Yep! Stream works just fine on their page.

Looks like there's an Xfinity specific bug with the NBCSN regionals. I've fixed it in the latest build v2019.08.01.0131

Iā€™m away from home, but does that mean the NBCSN Philly main channel (not the plus) will work now?

No that channel is broken as previously discussed.

Wow, that was quick! Philly Plus working again for me. Now the other ones say "notAuthorizedLocation" - it was fun while it lasted! :rofl: Thanks much!

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I am in the N. California Xfinity region. Without having to first add TVE as a source in Channels, is there any way for me to know what channels I would get through TVE that I don't already get through my CableCard?