Is Channels DVR smart enough to pick the tuner that picks up the strongest signal?

I have Three HD Homerun tuners. Was thinking about hooking up one tuner to an extra antenna and pointing it at certain towers (channels) to pick them up better.

Would the software use the tuner that's get's the best signal if available or does it just go by priority of the tuners?

Priority of tuners.
Favorited channels.
HD over SD resolution.
Higher numbered channel over lower numbered channel.

Best would be to disable the weaker channels on each tuner if a stronger signal is available on one of the others.

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i don't think it does (i could be wrong). You can set source priorities. And you can block channels per source.

Which channel is used for recording depends on
-source priority set in the DVR web admin (not clients, see NOTE)
-channel favorites set in the DVR web admin (not clients, see NOTE)
-whether a channel is SD or HD
-channel number

When Channels DVR is going to record a program from a pass, the channels are searched
in reverse numerical order (higher numbered channels come first)
on each source as follows until it finds one airing the program

  1. Favorite channel on source#1, then source#2, source#3...
  2. Non-favorite HD channel on source#1, then source#2, source#3...
  3. Non-favorite SD channel on source#1, then source#2, source#3...

NOTE: The DVR scheduler and recorder use the source priority and channel favorites as defined in the DVR web admin, not the clients.

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Na just like any other source. Pulls from top down. Like chVDRuser said. Disable the channels from the antenna you don't want it to come from and your done.

Okay, I will try that. Thanks to all that replied. I appreciate it.

I have a situation where i have to attenuate my 2 hdhrs that connect to towers that are 11 miles from my house. Then i have 1 HDHR that picks up a station that is like 30 miles away that i do not attenuate (if i do then it wont pull in the station). So on the channels sever i just disable that 30 mile station on those tuners that do not pick up that station well and i set them as priority 1 and 2. Then i have the distant station enabled only on the hdhr that can pick it up and i have it as 3rd priority.