NESN is broken :(

NESN is now showing a non-live portion of an old broadcast. It was working correctly a few days ago...

The NESN Go website and app are streaming fine. They've made a number of changes recently (adding new platforms and supporting casting within their app). Perhaps the stream URI has changed.

Not working for me either on the Apple TV app or via Browser (Edge). I am running Version 2020.08.27.2207
Was working earlier, a week or so ago, not at all now.

Logs have been submitted as 45feb742-76fa-4c54-88b8-1ea53196e1eb

Still broken here as well -- also submitted logs. The CDN is returning an error 404, so I'm guessing (as I suggested previously) that the URL or CDN provider changed with the revamp of NESN Go. Old NESN Go mobile app installs no longer work and require an update upon opening them.

FWIW, the new NESN Go app supports casting via Chromecast -- so if you're in a bind to get NESN on a bigger screen, you can go that route for the time being.

Still broken for me as well. Probably a blessing in disguise. The red sox are unwatchable .

Still broken for me. To get around I just go into the YTTV app, but it's beginning to urk me switching back and forth etc.

I don't have NESN so I will need someone to capture a chrome HAR and email it to support.

  1. Open chrome incognito window
  2. Open chrome dev tools
  3. Switch to network tab
  4. Enable "preserve log"
  5. Go to NESN website and login and watch
  6. Right click in the network tab, select Copy > Copy All as HAR
  7. Open a text editor like Notepad.exe and paste
  8. Go to File > Save then email the file to [email protected]

For more details see:

Done. Just sent you the log file.

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Thank you and thanks Realmad001 for sending in the log.

Looks like NESN is working again using the latest pre-release, thanks to the Developer's quick turnaround.

However, still can't authorize NESN+ while NESN is authorized. This is the same problem as before where only NESN or NESN+ can be authorized one at a time and not both at the same time.

Can you submit diagnostics after trying to rescan them individually under the edit menu

Just submitted. e6ce1d1f-1f69-464b-bfd7-b5e552b60c54

NESN is working for me. Thanks for getting it going.

Thanks for getting it working so that You Tube TV could take it away...Sigh...

Is nesn down again for anyone else ?

Yup, it has been down for a while.

Still down?

What does down mean?

Not working. Circle thing...keeps trying to reconnect. I think NESN changed their login page.

Sent HAR file to support from today in case there was a change in URL

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