What channels are available?

The TV Everywhere channels that you will receive are dependent on your provider, your subscription tier, and the networks themselves. You can see a matrix of what channels are offered via TV Everywhere for each provider here.

Some providers offer more channels than others. You can read and discuss channel availability on the respective forum threads for each provider inside the TV Everywhere category.

Refer to this link for specific provider threads.

OTT Providers

For OTT providers like AT&T TV Now, DirectTV Now, PSVue, Sling TV, etc, use the TVE availability matrix to see what your provider offers.

Traditional Cable Providers

For traditional cable subscribers, you can expect to be able to access most of the channels above as long as they are part of your cable subscription package. However there can be exceptions- for example, Xfinity does not support TVE logins for any Viacom channels (Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, CMT, Logo, Paramount, TVLAND).

Why are there two versions of some channels?

Some channels are available in both EST and PST versions, and both will be added to your DVR automatically. When scheduling recordings, the DVR is smart enough to pick the earliest airing of a specific episode and will never record the same episode twice.

If you prefer either only EST or only PST feeds, you can hide the unwanted channels via the DVR web UI by clicking the pencil icon shown under the TVE source.

What channels are not available?

Local networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS are not available via the TV Everywhere feature. You can receive your local stations using a HDHomeRun CONNECT + antenna, or using a HDHomeRun PRIME.

Premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc are also not available via the TV Everywhere feature.

Nickelodeon does not support live streaming via TV Everywhere.

The beIN sports channels are not available via the TV Everywhere feature.

Can you add support for ___ channel?

If a given channel offers a live stream on their website (along with a cable login option to watch the stream in a browser), then we may be able to add it to our TV Everywhere support. Email [email protected] with the URL to the website.