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I searched a couple times,hoping not to duplicate an existing request. But as a newer user of Channels I would love to see a clock when you open the guide and perhaps even maybe more importantly, the mini-guide. It would be nice to know if you are just before or just after the hour and half hour when you are scrolling round. I hate thinking I am going to catch Sanford and Son only to just see the credits rolling. Thanks!

A simple search for clock nets these previous posts as the initial results returned—not sure what terms you used when searching:

I searched only within the Android TV Feature Requests. I assume that would be the most relevant please to search and to post. However seeing how old some of the posts are in other sub-groups, I guess I should not hold out too much hope.

Features are first implemented in the Apple clients (tvOS/iOS/iPadOS). After they're out of beta and a new stable release is made for the Apple clients, then the features are ported over to the Android clients.

Unlike some other software, Channels is developed natively for each platform. This makes for a more stable software, whereas others use an intermediary tool like React to develop a cross-platform app, which has led to issues in the past. (If you've seen the clusterf* that is SiliconDust's software and their "New UI", you'll understand, and hopefully appreciate Channels' approach.)

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Thanks for the info. I totally appreciate native development. Otherwise the product is buggy and not optimized for the strengths of the platform. I just assumed that Android would be developed first, as who in their right mind would purchase an Apple product?!?! :smile:

Seriously, I appreciate the info. It helps me set expectations.

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Many users of Apple products. There are about 1.5 billion active devices at the current time.
Users often choose these because the UI is better, the store has higher quality products, the integration with other similar products is better, there are much less hardware issues to deal with, and the devices last a very long time.

Channels is, first and foremost, software for Apple devices. This is the preferred platform for the best Channels experience.

Your opinion is noted. Now chill out.

Thanks again for your response it is genuinely appreciate.

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