How does recording priority work?

I'm also wondering how Favorite channels, OTA vs CABLE vs TVE, HD vs SD, higher numbered vs lower numbered channel, etc. fit in the priority determination for which device/channel to record from.

Does tuner priority take precedence even if a lower priority device has the channel favorited and the higher priority device does not?

So assuming you have the setup and device priority that KFStein has...
Hypothetically let's say the same program is available to record on all 4 devices at the same time.

Does it always use tuner priority over OTA vs CABLE vs TVE, HD vs SD, Favorite channel vs not favorite channel, higher numbered vs lower numbered channel, etc.

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Channel numbers and tuner types are not considered for recording priority.

Favorites and HD channels are always preferred for recordings when available, and tuners are always tried in the order of priority listed in the DVR.

Basically the DVR loops over each tuner in the priority you've set. First it tries to look at only favorited HD channels and if one is found, it is used to make the recording. Then it goes through all the tuners again looking for favorited SD channels. If that doesn't work, it tries again with just HD channels. Finally it tries one final time with just SD channels.

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Can this be put in the FAQ's, or does it need some fine-tuning first?

It gets very confusing for us end-users with multiple devices and clients and trying to figure out how it all fits together. Tuner priorites, Favorite channels, DVR not syncing with Clients, etc. and then throw in TVE as a device.

Would be nice to see an overview of how it all fits together in determining what will be recorded from where when you select it from a, b, c, d, e... DVR Web UI, Client A, B, C all with different priorities, etc.

Added here: Frequently Asked Questions

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re: The DVR will always prefer favorited and HD channels first when multiple channels are available to record the same program.

If an SD channels is favorited, will it trump an HD channels that's not?

Should it read;
The DVR will always prefer favorited, then HD channels first when multiple channels are available to record the same program.

Yes that's more accurate.

The DVR Schedule needs to show the channel numbers in the order they will be attempted. That is a bug we need to fix.

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On another note for the Frequently Asked Questions
If it's updated, we have no way of knowing it.
The Locked Sticky always shows a last updated date of April 2, 2019.
Any way to get it to show the last edited date to show users it's not that stale?

This is not the case, and has been a bug for quite some time. The DVR current works in the following order:

  1. It picks the first priority tuner first. If a channel with the show is available there, it will record, even if the same channel is favorited on a lower priority tuner.
  2. If there are no channels with the show on the first priority tuner, favorite or not, DVR moves to the next lower priority tuner.

aka: It first looks at tuner priority, then will pick the favorite channel if two channels on the higher priority tuner have the same show. If not, it will still record from the higher priority tuner. The only solution is to completely disable channels on the higher priority tuner if you want the lower priority tuners to record them.

Maybe add "Last updated: xx/xx/xx" to the post title?

Thanks, good idea, but it's not my FAQ. It was created by @tmm1.
I can't add "Last updated: xx/xx/xx" to the post title

Thanks for the feedback. That's why I asked

Thanks for pointing this out. It has indeed been a bug since September 2017. It is now fixed in the latest pre-release.

This bug is also fixed in the latest pre-release, so the channel numbers shown on the DVR Schedule are in the same order in which the DVR will attempt to record.

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I don't think it makes sense now.

Here is an small section of channels for an example:
Tuner Priority 1
image image

**Tuner Priority 2 & 3 **
image image

And now I have recording orders that look like this:
image image image image

Huh? I'm totally discombobulated trying to figure this out. Are the scheduled recording channels in reverse order?

@tmm1 it seems to be picking the second and third priority tuners first, if the recording order is supposed to be read left to right.

Yes its left to right tried in that order.

The tuners are also tried in top to bottom order as listed on the Settings tab.

It does look backwards for you for some reason. Can you try re-adjusting the tuner priority and save to see if that changes anything on the schedule?

Also screenshot the list of HDHRs. I'm confused why its doubling up some of the channel numbers for you too..

adjusting the tuner priority has no effect on the channels shown on the DVR schedule. The recording order remains the same whether first priority tuner is put last, first, or in the middle.


Its doubling up because the same channel is on multiple tuners. But it still doesn't select the first priority tuner.... at least based on the DVR schedule. A rollback to previous version (and disabling channels on the 1st priority tuner that I want to go to the others) shows the correct DVR schedule.... still doubled on some channels though, but this has been the case for a few beta releases now.

Okay the doubling up is due to different lineup/zipcodes containing the same channel number. That's a minor issue.

Huh that makes no sense. I'm testing with PRIME vs TVE and seeing the numbers on the Schedule change when I change priority.

I have an idea, going to push a new build shortly..

@djcastaldo Try v2019.09.30.2306

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