(Xfinity) TVE not working - Cable Provider auth failed / password reset

Chrome auth_timed out on all Xfinity/Comcast TVE channels suddenly.
Xfinity forced a password reset, which was done.
Deleted from TVE source, trying to re-add, get Chrome auth_timed out.
Unable to procede.
Can login to Xfinity, NBC, and networks own sites and apps with Xfinty credentials, but Channels refuses to add as TVE.
Screenshot of the Xfinity login page Channels uses says Xfinty says bad username/password.

6c28954e-9367-46cb-b500-b16dea07b6a5 .

2nd logs

9af70a1b-09a7-4de0-bd5e-02ff81fe0bf8 .

Edit: not sure if this was the cause, or if my fast changing to each channel triggerd this, but i got a email from comcast to change password.

i did that, now i have to figure out how to tell channels the new password without deleting the chnnel fav list.

Reset your password with a few easy steps

At Xfinity, we’re committed to doing what we can to keep your information safe. That’s why we conduct routine security monitoring. In a recent review, we detected a potential issue with your Xfinity profile.

As a precaution, you’ll need to reset your password.

If you were already prompted to change your password after signing in, you can disregard this message

I have deleted and try to re-add xfinity, but it says the same time out.
only thin i recently did was update the Channels dvr server to 2020.07.24.2119

the info i am entering is correct. i can login to the normal xfinty account and site fine.

u just enter username right, not an email, into channels?

i try with the master xfinty account, now i get " "no login form found".
edit: downgraded to 7-17 for server. still cant add xfinty for TVE. same error timeout.
is it that xfinty is down or something?

Cloudflare has had some issues the past week or two, but it's doubtful this is related.

Often when something like this happens, it requires either a CAPTCHA or password reset with your cable/OTT provider.

First, try logging in to your account page with your provider. If there are password reset issues, that's where they'd show up. If you can successfully log in there, then proceed.

Second, after you can access your account management page with your cable/OTT provider, now try to access a supported TVE network website. (For instance, if your provider grants you access to NBCUniversal feeds, try https://nbc.com/live – although that isn't working at the moment for me, so maybe this is an Internet/backbone issue.)

Third, after you have successfully used your credentials to both access your account management page, and successfully login on a network's website, only then should you attempt to rescan or stream from within Channels. If you had to change/reset your password as part of the previous two steps, then you can either delete your TVE source and re-add it, or you can inform the DVR of your new password:

If problems persist, then it could be likely that it's an issue on their end, and not something you can fix yourself.

Like i said already, i have changed the password, i can log into the Xfinty portal and stream site...and i tried a few network sites, like DIY and Animal Planet.

But channels keeps giving the time put message and showing the login page sayin invalid username/pass when i try to re add it as TVE.

I have never had captcha before, first time i saw this now was only in the password reset process. which i did fine.

I can login and stream from NBC fine....i got the xfinty login screen fine and logged in.
After login, i get the page that does the annimation, you are auto logged in and ready to go thing and the stream loads.

I had an issue earlier where adding an Xfinity TVE device failed because Xfinity wanted me to change some account info on the secondary account I use for TVE.

Pretty sure the newer Channels pre-releases first try logging in to nbc.com/live which is broke.

What I did was go to https://www.nbc.com/mvpd-picker
Logged in there, then added the TVE source and it worked.
After the TVE source was added and all channels scanned I unlinked from nbc.com

Yup. same. and ive i have to keep repeating my self....
done all of that.
logged into NBC, and several other providers fine. even did so on the linux computer that is running the Channels DVR server, vs my other computer on the same network.

Channles still will not add Xfinty as TVE source.
I am using version 2020.07.17.0024
updating to 07.24.... is the only thing i did a few hours ago, i dont know for certain if that is what broke it or not. i had not checked things before i updated. i reverted to see if that woudl fix it, which it did not.

it is a secondary account i only use for TVE. I am not on the same comcast home network though, as i am using a secondary account for my TVE acces, which has been working fine for many months. But if that was the issue, then i would not be able to login to any other provider i would think, if they blocked the acccount or something.

Seems like a rate limiting issue.

I tried an xfinity login with test dvr and it still works for me.

I wonder if Comcast performing "auto-login" is the culprit here. This is new information that wasn't previously disclosed.

Rate limit? i thought there was no limiting for TVE?

u mean to many tries or something?

do i need to wait until tommorw or something to add it in?

It has always done that with the providers i login to, after i log into one on the same browser. or check the Stay Signed In box. so i dont think that is it. i also have no options i know of to disable such login. i think it uses browser cookies to detect if u have logge d into a service already?

ok. just tried to log into DisneyNOW app on phone and i get white screen after login that says "SC 404" thats it.

but Animal Planet app worked

ok. so,, the main account(owner), wont login. it gives the same screen telling me have to reset password.

I have remoted into my parents computer to be on their home comcast internet, as the Owner account requires that. Secondary user account does not.

here is that screen:

I enter id, then capatcha, then street name, and then it give me "Let's try that again...sorry we ran into a problem...." and i can't get any further. Chat option just gives me the login screen again, and i cant login with password change...and i cant call in, they are closed on Sunday...and my folks would have to call in of cource.

I have tried a few times, and it also errors at the enter Street address, page, and says "We do not recognize that address." wtf? i know they havnt moved or changed anything on thier account.

So..i can only guess that there is some issue with Comcast severs or something.
Odd that i was able to login and do the same pass reset process fine for my secondary account, but the owner account will not do the same process.
I guess if it don't clear up, they will have to call in and have Comcast reset thier account password......idk.

Waited a few hours without trying... same thing. maybe there is some issue with the Comcast login page....idk. some said the NBC login is broken for them, so, guess ill just wait until tomorrow afternoon and try again?? missing the 21 extra channels that gave me though....but i cant seem to do anything more. it only will not work in Channels, so, far, i have been able to log into most other networks fine.

i hate Comcast...sooo much.

2020/07/26 21:41:08.698906 [TVE] Auth starting for Comcast_SSO as username
2020/07/26 21:41:08.699002 [TVE] action=auth mvpd=Comcast_SSO requestor=nbcentertainment
2020/07/26 21:41:09.094154 [TVE] action=navigate url=https://sp.auth.adobe.com/adobe-services/authenticate/saml?noflash=true&mso_id=Comcast_SSO&requestor_id=nbcentertainment&no_iframe=true&domain_name=adobe.com&redirect_url=https%3A%2F%2Fsp.auth.adobe.com%2Fadobe-services%2FcompletePassiveAuthentication
2020/07/26 21:41:09.095374 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=GET url=https://sp.auth.adobe.com/adobe-services/authenticate/saml
2020/07/26 21:41:09.430950 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=GET url=https://oauth.xfinity.com/oauth/authorize
2020/07/26 21:41:09.606723 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=GET url=https://login.xfinity.com/login
2020/07/26 21:41:09.606771 [TVE] action=auth_domain domain=login.xfinity.com
2020/07/26 21:41:09.812481 [TVE] action=wait_for_page
2020/07/26 21:41:16.043281 [TVE] action=page_ready
2020/07/26 21:41:16.043332 [TVE] action=wait_for_page done=true reason=page_ready
2020/07/26 21:41:16.043356 [TVE] action=fill_form u=username
2020/07/26 21:41:16.181773 [TVE] action=request type=Document method=POST url=https://login.xfinity.com/login
2020/07/26 21:41:16.182489 [TVE] action=wait_for_auth
2020/07/26 21:41:22.262828 [TVE] action=page_ready
2020/07/26 21:41:28.182715 [TVE] action=auth_timed_out
2020/07/26 21:41:28.182762 [TVE] action=screenshot
2020/07/26 21:41:28.256156 [TVE] action=screenshot size=50770
2020/07/26 21:41:28.256254 [TVE] action=capture_html
2020/07/26 21:41:28.258169 [TVE] action=capture_html size=22341
2020/07/26 21:41:28.280544 [TVE] Auth failed for Comcast_SSO: chrome auth_timed_out

I have searched these forms and see a few comments on "rate limit" but it seems to varry for most. Some say they can only authorized 2 channels ever day or so. but that after they sucessfuly add the tve source.

my issue is that Channels DVR will not even add it as a source anymore, so i can't later, over time, go in and do the pencil icon and manualy scan each channel.

What or how do you think i got hit with rate limit? or why did comcast flag the account for review and force password change? my mother been watching tv continualsy, recording many things, but far as I understand TVE, none of that usage is visible to the tve provider.
She did tell me that she was getting some error sometime the other day...so this may have started happeing sooner than i noticed.

When i first noticed it, all the Comcast tve channels were already not working, (i have a mix of Philo and Comcast) so when i was going channel to channel, to test them, (i have done that before several times before with no issues) some channles, the Philo provided ones, loaded fine.

It was then i noticed at 2:55pm, the "we noticed an issue with your Xfinity profile, please change password" email. i logged in, changed it fine.
Then i tried the CLI thing to change the TVE pass....and restarted Channels server...did not work. Same auth timeout. so i then deleted Xfinity as tve source, and went to re-added it...and now can't.
I even tried another secondary account, same issue.
I logged into to the Owners Xfinty portal, and made a new user, just like mine for TVE use, tried that. nope.
Even tried the owners login, and Channels said auth time out.
That then triggered their account to need a password reset....which will no work, errors out at the part where u have to verify your street address.

Seems any Xinfity account i try to add to Channels DVR, Comcast is forcing a password reset...or something.

If it is some sort limit or time out i need to wait for it to alow me again,....how long should i wait until i try to add it in again? does each time i try it, reset the clock?

I was also having an issue with TVE or Xfinity. I deleted and re-added the TVE service and now I am getting the following error. It appears to be a screenshot as I can't actually enter any logon information.

yup that is what i get too. @bshop2
so it isnt just me then....
Have u tried to login to your Xfinity account Portal does it force u to change your Xfinity account password??

Yup. Brand new password. Here is my server information.

sever info is not helpful. Though we both have a Linux based system for DVR server.
but u can submit logs via the help tab.
nothing we users can do, read past posts, channels dev able to add Xfinty fine.
don't know what is going on.
might be something broken on Xfinitys side, or some account issues with our accounts.