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Home Button Confirmation (Live TV) (2)
Sports Category (5)
Native Mac and Windows apps coming? (3)
Jump Between Two Channels (7)
Disable Comskip for some Passes (1)
Adding keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys to Web Player (2)
Restart Server Option (1)
IPTV link integration (2)
Request: Sport Type Indicator (3)
“On Later” feature (2)
Web UI - Have 'Watch Now' actually start playing (3)
Web UI - Make 'Delete' a button (1)
Web UI - Show original air date in episode list (1)
Display which channel movie recorded from (and show full description) (1)
Remove case sensitivity from advanced pass title condition (7)
Feature Request: Add option to stop playback on Status Page (1)
Profiles (6)
Ignoring inital articles when sorting by title (1)
Web UI - auto save priority changes (1)
Single Channel Series Pass (4)
Restrict recording time on Series Pass? (5)
Guide Quick Skip Buttons (1)
Show duplicate Channels from different device types (9)
Richer Keep Settings for Recordings (4)
shortDescription (1)
When deleting last episode of a show (5)
Ability To Tag Recordings As "Do Not Delete" (2)
Automatically Mark Recording as "Watched" if Watched Live (6)
What shows are coming up this week on CH#? (15)
Add Ability to import videos from other sources (1)